April 17, 2007

Here’s a short list of some of the films in the festival that have confirmed “in person” attendance and Q&A afterward their screening:

Greenpeace–Making a Stand: Rex Weyler (one of the founders of Greenpeace) and director Leigh Badgley

Exploring the Mother of Waters: film subject and director Mick O’Shea (flying in from Thailand) and co-director/producer Brian Eustis

Light at the Edge of the World: film subject Wade Davis, director Andrew Gregg and producer Gordon Henderson

Darius Goes West: John Hadden, Sam Johnson, Daniel Epting, Ben Smalley, and Collin Shepley (members of the DGW team featured in the film)

Dalai Lama Renaissance: director Khashyar Darvich and possibly Dr. Michael Beckwith (of The Secret), Fred Wolf and Amit Goswami (both of What the Bleep Do We Know)

Our Land, Our Life: directors George & Beth Gage and film subject Carrie Dann

Fridays at the Farm: director and film subject Richard Power Hoffman, composer Pete Tramo

Running Down the Man: directors Ben Knight and Travis Rummel, and film subject Frank Smethurst

Gasherbrum II: director Niko Jaeger

The Aerialist: film subject Dean Potter

Remnants of Everest: director David Breashears, film subject Charlotte Fox, others to be announced

This is just a small percentage of the amazing and talented guests who will be mingling on main street Telluride during Mountainfilm this Memorial Day Weekend!

You can find more information about our official selection films here.

In other news, our newly minted UCTV (Urban Climber Magazine TV) channel is up and running here.

Posted by Emily Long