November 27, 2007

Signature Mountainfilm prayer flags in WaterColor, Florida. Photo by Ben Knight

We recently made the pages (screen?) of Felt Soul Media’s blog, The Wire:

If anyone was curious as to why the three of us were in Florida: The Telluride Mountainfilm Festival has a tour show In WaterColor, a small ritzy beach community on Florida’s panhandle. They were kind enough to invite us for the two-day event so we could introduce Running Down the Man and show the Red Gold trailer….read more.

A quick google of “Mountainfilm” and “David Holbrooke” revealed an article David wrote for the Huffington Post in April, 2007. He describes the effect of a surprising question during the Q&A for his film Shiva’s Dance Floor at Mountainfilm several years ago:

The conversation that followed was exhilarating for everyone in the room. Filmmakers work very hard to get every single moment right but with his diatribe, the hostile stage manager had quickly unraveled our finished product. There was nothing in the ether; it was all right there in that room that day, making the whole film experience, richer and deeper….read more.

Another kindred spirit—The Poverty Jet Set—released some kind words into the blogosphere about us:

One of my favorite film festivals in the world is Mountainfilm…read more.

We’re tickled pink. Thanks, Mark.

Posted by Emily Long