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December 6, 2007

I missed my regular Tuesday post this week because Justin and I were in Vegas for the International Film Festival Summit. I attended sessions on programming, festivals as the new art cinema, filmmaker distribution, media revolution in festivals, and the filmmaker’s perspective, and Justin focused on development, public relations, and his expertise, technology.

We’re giving the Summit mixed reviews. While it was great to meet and network with other festival staff and talk about issues that we all deal with, we felt we were constantly being pitched at. A fellow participant from Las Vegas agreed, and said that “some of the sessions came off as glorified sales pitches.” He listed examples like a panel on ticketing solutions that turned out to be advertisements for various online ticketing companies.

Regardless, it was still a worthwhile weekend. It was great to have a forum to network and meet other festival staff. We all face many of the same challenges, and it was good to look at and talk about different solutions that other people have come up with. But now I’m excited and happy to be back in the office, and ready to crank hard for festival content!

Posted by Emily Long