It’s so strange to not go to a baseball game… I was hoping the Colorado Rockies would be playing at home but they are out east in Pittsburgh, delayed by the same weather system that held up my KC game… My Saturday commute between Kansas City and Colorado Springs was certainly the most uneventful of my 4 days so far – and fruitless, biofuel-wise.  Each station I tracked down had either stopped providing biodiesel or didn’t exist at all!  In fact, the greenest thing I experienced all day was driving through a field of at least one hundred wind driven turbines.  Until that moment, I wondered why all of this power was going unharnessed.  Certainly, these turbines are not an easy or inexpensive project to undertake.  Each blade looks to be over one hundred feet long.  With one day to go, I must admit I’m ready to sleep in the same bed two nights in a row and maybe spend more of my day on feet than on my butt!