It’s Sunday afternoon and by now you have watched some incredible films, listened to inspiring people talk and taken in powerful images. Just walking down the Main Street, it’s impossible to not feel the buzz of energy, the slight unrest and the overwhelming inspiration.

So, now with all of that inspiration, what will you do to create positive change? How will you turn that inspiration into action?

© Joe Riis, iLCP

Last night, the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) kicked off 12SHOTS at Mountainfilm. iLCP is also in the running for Mountainfilm’s Moving Mountains Award. So, what is 12SHOTS all about?

Stories are powerful because they become experiences shared. Images, though motionless, move; though silent, they speak, and we are all gifted with a larger vision of the world. Storytelling is an art and an ever more important part of conservation photography. Being able to introduce an issue, set the scene, bring ideas to light and inspire people to effect change in 12 shots is not an easy feat.

With Mountainfilm’s theme being “Extinction” last night’s visual stories were poignant, striking and motivating. So, what do you take from it? We hope everyone takes their inspiration from the festival and turns it into action.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from yesterday:

We want our kids to understand their capacity as philanthropists. — Christiane Leitinger of Pennies for Peace at Saturday’s breakfast talk.

If people see these images, they’re going to want to do the right thing. — iLCP in Flathead Wild

Do you have a favorite quote, or film, or maybe a favorite conversation that you’ll take with you from Mountainfilm? And what will you do with that inspiration? How will you turn it into action?

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