Right before the festival this year, another first was notched into history: the youngest kid to summit the highest mountain in the world.

Jordan Romero, age 13, hit the summit of Everest on May 22 at 9:45am local time.

Jordan Romero on Everest, from his web site

Of course, there is a fair share of controversy about whether or not a 13-year old kid should even be attempting feats like this. Jordan is actually on a bid to be the youngest person not only to summit Everest, but to hit all of the 7 Summits–the 7 highest mountains on each of the 7 continents in the world (actually there are 8, if you include both Oceana & Australia). He’s already bagged them all except Vinson in Antarctica!

What do you think? Are we risking too much in search of superlatives?