While we were thrilled at the turnout of Mountainfilm in New York–two of the shows sold out (I Am and Bag It)–we were almost even more thrilled to hear about some of the direct action that happened as a result of our event. MF in NYC wasn’t just about entertainment and inspiration, and the following stories are just a few of the ones we heard percolating around us during the weekend.

Leisure time during Mountainfilm in New York


After the Extinction Panel, Greg Carr, who is helping to restore a wildlife refuge in Mozambique called Gorangosa, asked Laurie Marker, Founder and Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, if it would be possible to bring cheetahs back to Mozambique. They are now working together to make it happen.

Tim DeChristopher, whose act of civil disobedience as “Bidder 70” has him facing 10 years jail time for taking a stand against a fraudulent oil and gas auction, received several thousands in donations for the organization Peaceful Upraising and climate change protesters who face arrest and jail time.

Mountainfilm and Bag It crews with Tim DeChristopher

The daughter of Gordon Dancy, inventor of the single-use plastic bag, was in the audience for the screening of Bag It. Kristen Brown stood up in the Q&A of the film to say that she has dedicated her life to getting rid of the ubiquitous, and polluting, bags that were once thought to be the height of convenience. She set up her My Eco Bag System in the lobby, where the nearby table of Bag It DVDs completely sold out.

On a more personal note, we loved seeing all the Telluride faces in the audience, both present and past locals. There are many connections between our two communities, and we’re looking forward to keeping the momentum going with an even bigger show in 2011. Big thanks goes out to Ronnie Planalp, who made the connection between Mountainfilm and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and the Film Society staff, especially Marian Masone and Isa Cucinotta.

Keep an eye out for future developments–like a tour show and educational cruise in Patagonia–that were born in NYC.