We got this note from Peaceful Uprising today:


The International Tar Sands Resistance Summit in Montana will be a critical event in the fight against the world’s most destructive project. At the Summit, which starts in just one week, activist leaders from various tar sands affected regions in the US and Canada will gather closely together, many for the first time, to concentrate and coordinate their efforts. The venue is reserved. Reservations are filling up.

However, due to sudden and unforeseeable financial complications, the Summit finds itself in danger of cancellation.

We have 24 hours to raise $6,000 or the Summit will be cancelled. Click here to help.

This is a test our ability to use grassroots organizing to stand up to powerful corporate interests, and WE CAN DO IT.

Peaceful Uprising was not an organizer of the Summit, but we are a sponsor, and we’re scheduled to lead a workgroup there about stopping the first proposed tar sands mine in the US, which is planned for Utah.

Tar Sands are one of PeaceUp’s main focuses, and this summit will make a huge difference in our ability to successfully defend Utah against the world’s dirtiest source of energy.  It will also send a message to the potential funders of tar sands in Utah that they will face fierce and committed resistance.

Please support this important gathering. If we do not raise $6000 dollars by Monday night, the organizers of the conference plan to cancel the whole thing!

Read the letter from the organizers here, which explains the situation in more detail.

The fossil fuel industry won’t stop organizing, and neither can we.  Click here to donate now and please pass this on to five of your friends who want to defend a livable future.

In gratitude and solidarity,

Peaceful Uprising
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