Prudence Mabhena performs after a screening of Music by Prudence. Photo by Gus Gusciora.

It’s hard to forget Prudence Mabhena’s emotion-inducing performance after packed screenings of Roger Williams’ film about her life, Music By Prudence, at last year’s festival. Yesterday we received an update on Prudence, from Dr. Rick Hodes:

Prudence was discharged from hospital today. She had spine surgery to straighten her spine, and then surgery on both hips to give her more mobility. It is my understanding that her legs are now fixed at a 90 degree angle outwards so she’ll be able to sit up better.

I just spoke with her, she’s in some pain still, but feeling a bit better every day, and is looking forward to being out of hospital for some time now. Her breathing is better and easier than before, which is great.

She sends her best wishes to all.

Dr. Hodes and his work was featured in the documentary film Making the Crooked Straight. To learn more about the film and how you can help others like Prudence, visit the Making the Crooked Straight website.