There has been a flurry of social media around Tim DeChristopher’s trial. Here is a roundup of some of the most poignant quotes that have made their way round the web in the past few days:

From Terry Tempest Williams’ Facebook page:

Last day of DeChristopher trial. I keep writing “trail” instead of “trial.” Whatever happens today in terms of verdict, this conversation will continue. Tim remains calm, cool, and centered. He is carrying the burden. Proof is our beautiful, broken planet.

From Bill McKibben:

Thinking of @DeChristopher as trial hour nears. And thinking of Ed Abbey, who’s standing up in his grave, fist raised

From Jamie Henn, Co-founder and Communications Director:

Tim DeChristopher is facing 10 years for blocking handouts to Big Oil, while Wall Street criminals go free.

From Deb Henry:

Tim’s actions have already paid off just due to how many people he has inspired.


The real crime isn’t Tim’s effort to protect our climate—it’s the inability of our politicians to do so.

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