Tim leaving courtroom on Monday

Support for Tim DeChristopher has stayed strong in Salt Lake City, both in and out of the courtroom.

Emily Long says of day one:

Regardless of the fact that most of the protestors outside had been up since before dawn and rallying for 10 or 12 hours, Tim was greeted by a huge crowd of supporters still holding ground on the front steps — a crowd I was told had earlier sung happy birthday to one of the cops who were making sure order was intact — singing “Stand” in solidarity with Tim. He was deeply moved by the huge outpouring of support.

Alex Ebert of Ed Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes shooting a music video around Tim's trial

That support has continued since Monday, in many forms.

From David Holbrooke on day two:

There were a lot of Telluride folk in court today to hear opening arguments in the Tim DeChristopher trial. Beth Gage, Ginny Plamondon, Cathe Dyer, Emily Long and myself all attended today, along with friends of Mountainfilm like Alex Chadwick (Interviews 50Cents) and Terry Tempest Williams (who will be a part of Mountainfilm 2011). Terry actually came to SLC yesterday expecting to be here just for the day but she was so moved by what was happening that she bagged her flight back home, bought a new toothbrush and decided to stay for the duration of the trial.

She said she never thought something like the demonstrations of yesterday would ever happen in this city – her hometown. It was also impressive to see other Telluride folk like Daryl Hannah, Chris Myers and Peter and Melanie Yarrow turn out as well.

As Tim has said all along “the odds are against him but they are getting better” as people turn out to support this “signal moment” as Terry referred to, of the climate movement.

Large scale artwork by Beehive Collective, which tells the full story of coal in Appalachia

The scale of The True Cost of Coal

Filmmaker George Gage and team

For more info on the trial, check out this great article in the Salt Lake Tribune.

You can also get ongoing updates from local TV station 13 which is running a constantly updated blog or follow the Bidder70 conversation on Twitter, where there are lots of people sharing live updates and articles.