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Tim DeChristopher was found guilty today on both counts. Sentencing has been set for June 23, 2011.

From our Festival Director, David Holbrooke:

We are not surprised — but are deeply saddened — to hear of the guilty verdict of Tim DeChristopher. Mountainfilm celebrates indomitable spirit and Tim embodies that as much as anyone who has come through the festival. Tim has also been part of the inspiration of our festival theme this year: Awareness into Action. Our thoughts go out to Tim and his family on this difficult day.

A great quote in response to the verdict from Bill McKibben:

Tim has shown the power of civil disobedience to shine a light — the government should be giving him a medal, not a sentence, and in time this will be recalled as a key early battle in the century’s long fight for a livable climate.

Earlier today Peaceful Uprising wrote:

Whatever verdict is handed down, we’re ready to respond with joy, resolve, and commitment to one another and to the cause of climate justice.

Outside of the courtroom, the singing and support continue.

As someone posted in response to the verdict on Twitter, we are reminded of what Martin Luther King Jr., said back in 1956, “I left with a smile. I knew that I was a convicted criminal, but I was proud of my crime.”

Let us continue the movement.

Follow live updates on the trial here and here.