350.org launched a new campaign recently called the “US Chamber Doesn’t Speak For Me” to “show that when it comes to climate and energy, the US Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of big polluters, not everyday American business.”

Bill McKibben, 350.org founder, wrote a great article in response to attacks on the campaign in the Washington Post:

The Chamber of Commerce spends more money than anyone else lobbying Congress. They dropped hundreds of thousands on the last state elections in Wisconsin, all of it for the side now standing up for union-busting, I mean human freedom.

So what’s the goal of the campaign?

Getting more and more businesses and local Chambers of Commerce to stand up and say, “the US Chamber of Commerce doesn’t speak for me.” Businesses like Apple, PG&E and Microsoft who have all quit the U.S. Chamber due to its climate policy.

And what will the result be?

If we can weaken the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s grip on our political life, then maybe we can save the Clean Air Act. Maybe we can finally get rid of the huge subsidies to our fossil fuel industries. Maybe we can finally get a law passed to start dealing with the worst crisis our planet has ever faced. We shouldn’t have to do this—in an ideal world, our leaders would simply heed the warnings of our wisest scientists and get to work. But we live in a messy world, made messier every day by the US Chamber of Commerce. It’s time to start cleaning up that mess—time to say “that’s not our mess, that’s yours.”

Start taking action here.