Remember Pickin’ & Trimmin’? It was a short film that we showed at our 2008 festival about a barbershop in Drexel, North Carolina, where Lawrence Anthony and David Shirley barbered for decades and every weekend bluegrass musicians jammed in the back room.

Lawrence, the head barber, passed away in 2009, but his son Caroll is intent on fulfilling his father’s wish to keep the barbershop open. Unfortunately, on account of water damage, the shop is in severe need of repair.


From filmmaker Matt Morris:

I visited The Barbershop a few months ago and filmed a little update on the shop. Since Lawrence passed away, there’s been some water damage to the shop and Lawrence’s son created a non-profit Barbershop Preservation Fund to accept donations to help keep the shop open as a place for folks to hang out, talk, and play music. The building has been inspected and they know what needs to be done to fix it. Most of the boys are donating time and services, but there are still raw materials to be purchased, and the fact that the shop cant stay open with the only money coming in being David’s $8 haircuts.

Want to help save the barbershop? Click here.