Chris Jordan reports from Midway where he and his team are working on a documentary project to showcase the effects of plastic pollution:

According to Jordan, plastic is certainly everywhere. “All of the babies have plastic in them, every single one we’ve opened up.”

From team member and producer Ian Hinkle:

On this visit we have come to find, to our dismay, that these young albatross chicks- even at just nine or ten weeks of age- are already being regularly fed a pile of our plastic. Their parents cross hundreds of miles of ocean in search of food, only to return with a deadly bounty. In many nests lie the remains of the young who have never made it to the sea. Their bodies give up the evidence readily. Their limp remains are filled with an astonishing array of single-use plastic pollution, cast off and forgotten by us in our busy consumer-driven lives. Five tons of plastic comes onto Midway Atoll every year, in the stomachs of the albatross.

For more info on Midway Journey, check out their website or Facebook page.