The Green World Campaign is making it easy to make a difference. Last week they launched a year-long initiative called “ReGreen the World,” in which the organization is working to “plant trees in environmentally damaged areas, creating sustainable villages, restoring indigenous ecologies, and mitigating our climate crisis.”

How to plant 5 trees on your cell phone:

  1. Enter the number 85944
  2. Text the word TREE as the message (not case-sensitive)
  3. Send the message
  4. You’ll receive a free response message asking you to confirm your $5 donation
  5. Type ‘Yes’

This is a one-time donation. You may choose to do this up to 5 more times.

To inspire more people the take part, the images from Earth Day made their way onto the American Eagle screen in Times Square.

What could we do as global citizens if we really put our minds–and hearts–to it? The answer: Just about anything. Marc Barasch

You can also take part in the iniatiative by donating on the Green World Campaign website. To further engage people, there is an interactive section that allows donors to track how many trees have been planted.