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Felt Soul Media has been at it again. This clip might make you wish winter would stick around for just a little longer.



Some of our special guests this year are hailing all the way from Scandinavia: the Baffin Babes. If you’re not familiar with these adventurous ladies, the Baffin Babes are four Scandinavian women who, in 2009, skied 1,200 kilometers across Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. Their adventure faced them with everything from 40 below weather to hanging with polar bears. We caught up  with Baffin Babe Emma Simonsson to learn more.

What inspired you to put together this expedition?

Our love and passion for the outdoors, and a dream of living among the nature for a longer time. Also the attraction of adventure, where you seek challenges and push your own limits.

What was the hardest part of the expedition? What was the most rewarding?

The hardest day was actually the last day, when we all realized it was over. It was such a big sorrow, none of us wanted it to be over, and we moved in slow motion trying to make the day longer. But of course there were hard parts while out as well, for example handling the extreme cold temperatures, and when we skied over a glacier area and big crevasses opened up in all directions in front of us, and the visibility were poor.  Most rewarding was the feeling of freedom that I get when I’m out for such a long time, the feeling of being so present in what’s now, so alive.  I get in to a meditative flow while skiing and then you get to share it all with your best friends, that’s amazing! And some of the highlights were definitely bathing in a seal hole, climbing broad peaks and having a polar bear just 30 meters away!

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