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Anna Brones is working with Mountainfilm as our new social-media guru and she has the opportunity to be a Huffington Post Ambassador in Copenhagen as a citizen journalist.  We want to help her get there.  Please watch her entry video and vote for Anna to be our representative.  We know you will be as impressed with her as we are.

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We’re just finishing up the first leg of our 2007/2008 tour schedule and I couldn’t be more excited. In 2007 we completed some fantastic new shows and improved some of our existing shows as well. Our audiences are growing all the time and the amount of money we help raise for non-profits is going up as well. Since June we’ve been from Colorado to Norway & Canada to Chile and all points in between. While we have about 5 presenters that hit the road each year, I try to get out when I can to meet new people and see new places – this is, after all, one of the perks of being the Director of the Tour.

Keep an eye on the blog for location specific entries from the road. My hope is to share the trials, tribulations and joys of the road.
2008 is shaping up to be one of our biggest years on tour yet. After humble beginnings, Mountainfilm on Tour will make approximately 120 stops on 5 continents in 2007/2008! This is a huge accomplishment for us this year since we’ve been hovering around 95 shows for the past 3 years.

Check for the tour making these stops in January!

Breckenridge, CO (Jan 7)
Anchorage, AK (Jan 11 – 13)
Homer, AK (Jan 15 & 17)
Girdwood, AK (Jan TBD)
Haines, AK (Jan TBD)
Wenatchee, WA (Jan 15)
New York, NY ( Jan 16)
Santa Fe, NM (Jan 17)
Winona, MN (Jan 24 – 27)
Los Angeles, CA (Jan 24 – 26)
Portland, OR (Jan 31)
Sewell, NJ (Jan 31)

Visit for more information


September 6, 2007

Mountainfilm bids farewell to aviation pioneer Dr. Paul MacCready who died on August 28th, 2007. His leadership in the aeronautical world has given us hope for the future of transportation utilizing renewable energy sources like human and solar power. As early as 1977 Dr. MacCready was pioneering human powered aircraft with his Gossamer Condor and, at the time of his death, he had made leaps forward in sustained solar powered flights.

In 2007 Mountainfilm invited Dr. MacCready to participate in our Energy Symposium and, although Dr. MacCready was unable to attend, he provided insight and ideas that helped us develop one of our most successful symposiums to date.

Dr. MacCready truly represents the Indomitable Spirit that we celebrate through Mountainfilm and we are all truly inspired to have had the opportunity to get to know Dr. MacCready – if only for a short while.

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