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The Denver Art Museum is hosting Streets of Afghanistan this Thursday, April 28, in an effort to connect communities and cultures in a country that has endured nearly four decades of conflict. The exhibit is a life-size exhibition that recreates the streets of Kabul and the rural roads of Afghanistan, including stunning portraits of the people who live there.

Proceeds from the exhibition, created by Mountain2Mountain (M2M), a Colorado-based nonprofit, will support programs including girls’ education, efforts to help imprisoned women and children and support for the Afghan youth movement. We are honored to welcome Shannon Galpin, the founder of M2M, as a special guest to the Mountainfilm Festival this year.

When: April 28, 2011

Where: Denver Art Museum — 100 West 14th Avenue Parkway


Now that we’re in the countdown to this year’s festival, we’re sure you want to check out what films we’ll be featuring. Instead of just listing them, we’ll be posting trailers to selected films each Tuesday and Friday, so keep an eye out for what’s to come! Today we’re featuring Forgotten on the Roof of the World.

The Wakhan Corridor, a thin finger of land in northeast Afghanistan, is an incredibly tough place to live. North of Pakistan, bordering China and the contested Kashmir state of India, the people here are statistically high in poverty and hunger, low in health and education. Yet in Matthieu Paley’s stunning photographs that comprise this simple and memorable film, we see joy and humanity from the impoverished inhabitants. Beauty and hardship walk hand in hand in this collage of photographs and sounds from a place forgotten on the roof of the world.

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