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We came across Radiohead’s music video for All I Need this week. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch.

A poignant video that was made in partnership with MTV’s EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) campaign “to create a clip that raises awareness of issues of forced labor and abuse around the world.”

“It’s an interesting thing, because if you are in the West, it’s a luxury to be able to talk about the importance of human rights for everybody, but yet in the East, or the poorer countries where slave labor is going on, if you talk to certain companies, it seems that it’s much more important that they’re on some sort of economic ladder, and somehow the rights of the workers are secondary to economic growth, and that I find a very peculiar logic, and I think that’s as much about the power of the companies and the profits they’re making as it is of any moral stance. So it would be useful when the West talks about human rights, they actually consider countries where, for a lot of workers, it’s not really on the agenda yet,” Thom Yorke said in an interview with MTV when the video was released.

Modern day slavery is not a new issue at Mountainfilm; author and anti-slavery activist Ben Skinner is a regular at the festival. This year he will talk specifically about how our audience can get involved in the fight to stop modern-day slavery.

To learn more about slavery and what you can do to take action, visit Free The Slaves.


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