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Earlier this month, over 10,000 climate activists convereged on Washington D.C. for Powershift 2011, national youth climate summit.

Bill McKibben and Tim DeChristopher were both on hand with powerful speeches.

You can catch both McKibben and DeChristopher as special guests at this year’s festival.


Big news in the climate change movement: and 1Sky have joined forces.


Together, we’re smarter, bolder, faster, and more creative than we were before.

Together, we’re able to do things we couldn’t have done alone.

Together, we will turn the tide on the climate crisis, and build an unstoppable movement for change.

From Grist:

It is possible to rally passion. Both 1Sky and have demonstrated the ability to find and energize a new generation of environmental supporters, one that crosses all demographic and linguistic boundaries. Together, as the new, we’ll be speaking with one voice. Shouting, actually — trying to drown out the talk from dirty energy and dirty money.

Bill McKibben, the founder of, will be in Telluride in May as one of our special guests at this year’s festival. launched a new campaign recently called the “US Chamber Doesn’t Speak For Me” to “show that when it comes to climate and energy, the US Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of big polluters, not everyday American business.”

Bill McKibben, founder, wrote a great article in response to attacks on the campaign in the Washington Post:

The Chamber of Commerce spends more money than anyone else lobbying Congress. They dropped hundreds of thousands on the last state elections in Wisconsin, all of it for the side now standing up for union-busting, I mean human freedom.

So what’s the goal of the campaign?

Getting more and more businesses and local Chambers of Commerce to stand up and say, “the US Chamber of Commerce doesn’t speak for me.” Businesses like Apple, PG&E and Microsoft who have all quit the U.S. Chamber due to its climate policy.

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There has been a flurry of social media around Tim DeChristopher’s trial. Here is a roundup of some of the most poignant quotes that have made their way round the web in the past few days:

From Terry Tempest Williams’ Facebook page:

Last day of DeChristopher trial. I keep writing “trail” instead of “trial.” Whatever happens today in terms of verdict, this conversation will continue. Tim remains calm, cool, and centered. He is carrying the burden. Proof is our beautiful, broken planet.

From Bill McKibben:

Thinking of @DeChristopher as trial hour nears. And thinking of Ed Abbey, who’s standing up in his grave, fist raised

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